Type of roll paper suitable for signmaking

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The roll paper of large format suitable for sign making
Has put together

I use the roll paper in the printer of large format
Banners and signs, banners, compatible printer of the roll paper poster
It is often used in the preparation of the bulletin etc..

Therefore, the corresponding printer paper roll large-format
The type of the paper roll of inkjet
Kind of large-format paper roll thick as possible
Matt coated paper.

Kanban is would I want to use matte matte paper such as coated paper
I will finish the sign of the feeling of calm.

Method of printing roll paper roll paper compatible printer
You depend on the printer manufacturer printing mode
When you select a mode, such as “matte paper”
I can make a sign vivid color.

However, consumption of ink that amount will also be large.

Somewhat, but the image quality will fall when you want to reduce the consumption of ink,
You can use it to save ink if you print on plain paper mode.

To be able to print neatly into any image of the full-color glossy paper
It is good to sign.

However by the glossy surface, which is a feature of the roll paper of glossy paper
When Posted in place painful look at the reflection of light
Those of waterproof paper and coated paper matte is a good choice.

I use a large-format printer roll paper Other
There are many types of roll paper
The are most frequently used paper roll of plain paper.

With the more inexpensive in the roll paper to be used in large-format printers
Plain paper for inkjet output of drawings and checking,
POP short-term posting, banners, banners, table-turning,
It is used for signboards.

It is also recommended to sign a short-term use.

Paper roll of large format, which is indispensable in the photograph printed on other
Coated paper and glossy paper, Heavyweight matte coated paper,
It is a large-format roll paper such as waterproof paper.

Posters photo input, these signs and POP,
In addition, water-resistant paper on bulletin for use outdoors
It has been widely adopted.

Also, the large-format roll paper that is widely used in the design and drafting
It is a mylar film and tracing paper.

Mylar film and tracing paper
It is a special way of using any other non-design and drafting
Mylar film and paper.

Tracing paper, such as wrapping paper
It can also be or are used.

Roll of paper that can be used in the ink-jet printer of large format is
It is a large-format roll paper for inkjet.

Roll paper is to use a paper roll of inkjet
It is recommended in the manufacturer of the roll paper compatible printer.

The roll paper compatible printer of large format and roll paper
Roll paper that can correspond also also printing method of the roll paper and In some
In such models enabled tables detail varies
The roll paper that matches the printer and check
I choose correctly. ↓↓

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