3.2 meter DX7/DX5 large format printer, 1440 dpi Eco Solvent Plotter for indoor & outdoor

www.solventprinter.cn/www.mtutech.com large format printer is Micro Piezo Printing Technology, it equips with Epson DX5/DX5.5/DX7 printhead which can reach 1440dpi*1440dpi resolution, adjustable droplet size from 1.5pl to 21pl, printing width's ranges Discover A Lot More

Anet A6 vs A8 Comparison – Which Is the Best 3D Printer?

I got a lot of comments on my latest 3D printer review, about the differences of the Anet A8 and the A6. I recently made reviews of both printers, but in this video we will check them out and see which one is superior. A8: http://www.gearbest.com/3d-printers-3d-printer-kits/pp_337314.html?amp;utm_medium=demo&utm_campaign=YouTube&lkid=10122147 A6: Discover A Lot More

KY-1525 UV inkjet large format printer UV固化全平面數位噴繪打印機 UV硬化型プラットフォームインクジェットプリンタ

Print head : piezo print head EPSON DX7 , Drop volumes : 3.5 picolitre , Ink color : Fore color C.M.Y.K, Eight color C.M.Y.K.LC.LM.WW, Resolution : 360x720 720x720 1440x720 (dpi), Printing area : 1500mm X 2500mm (59"x98.5"inches), Print Discover A Lot More

Wholesale T Shirt Printer Machine DTG Printer Price

Website: http://www.eprinterstore.com/ Email: sales@eprinterstore.com DTG Tshirt Printer: http://www.eprinterstore.com/a-size-desktop-dtg-t-shirt-flatbed-printer-182.html Applications: http://www.eprinterstore.com/applications-4.html Printing Sample:http://www.eprinterstore.com/digital-textile-printing-sample-76.html About Discover A Lot More