HP Designjet T2500 eMultifunction Printer Customer Review: Inland Engineering

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The multi-roll, multifunction HP Designjet T2500 eMFP can speed up your workflow with two rolls and scan and copy capabilities. The compact web-connected HP Designjet T2500 eMultifunction printer lets you instantly share and manage content and the integrated output stacking tray helps eliminate output clutter. Product features and capabilities include:

– Print, scan, and copy functions
– Integrated stacking tray
– Two-roll configuration with smart switching
– Prints up to A0/E-size
– A1/D-size prints in 21 seconds
– Web connectivity with HP Designjet ePrint & Share*

Inland Engineering prints, copies, scans and shares finely detailed plans and maps with HP Designjet T2500 eMFP web-connected multi-function printer and HP Designjet ePrint & Share for sharing files via the cloud. IES saves time, reduces waste and improves productivity. After using the device**, they shared their feedback with HP.

Debbie Garcia, Project Coordinator at Inland Engineering Services (IES), shares, “Here at Inland Engineering we do a lot of printing and scanning and copying daily. With the HP T2500, it’s such a compact size. We can fit it into any of the offices into a corner in the room. It prints very quietly and the size is perfect for us…It prints super crisp. It’s almost unbelievable how fast it is and you get pristine, clean lines. It looks just like it does in our CAD PDFs or CAD drawings.”

“Scanning is important because before we start a project we do research and with research comes getting a lot of 24 by 36 or larger reference maps and we have to scan them. Before we had to scan them on our tiny copier and it would take us like 30 pages and that would take a very long time. With the T2500 one scan and it gets the entire sheet. It comes out clean and crisp and we save it into our network and anybody can access it. They can print out a copy, make lines—any kinds of lines—and then they can scan it back to us and they can just save it on the ePrint & Share and I can access them through here and look at any kind of changes that our side needs to make. With the scanner we don’t have to stand there for an hour and scan our prints now. It’s just like a minute and it’s in there.”

“We do use a lot of just the plain bond, 24 by 36 paper but we are starting to use more of the photo paper. If we want something a little more glossier, there are two rolls on the 2500. You can just choose to print from Roll 1 or Roll 2, if they’re different sizes.”

“I really appreciate the front loading in the T2500 because I can just stand right in front of the printer itself, load it right there. Sometimes we’ll go to a city or to see a client and we’ll load whatever media they’re giving us on to the USB. We’ll bring it back and we can just go into the printer, attach the USB and it’ll print it directly from the USB. If I’m scanning and someone else is printing, they can just come and quickly just grab their back stack and take it as I’m still doing my scanning in the front.”

Richard Vega, Commercial Survey Manager, IES explains his take on the new printer: “Communication is the most important part of our job and getting information out to field personnel for revisions is a difficult task. The drive time is between where we’re located in Corona to a job, for example, in Torrance could be two hours with traffic. ePrint & Share makes a huge difference in our productivity. Being able to send them a link is invaluable to saving time. I can send out one link to all the different parties and I’m assured that we’re all looking at the same document.”

* (1) Requires an HP Designjet ePrint & Share account, Internet connection to the printer, and connected Internet-capable device. When using the HP Designjet ePrint & Share mobile app, a compatible Apple® iOS or Android™ device and Internet connection are required. Data or connection charges may apply. Print times may vary. For more information visit www.hp.com/go/eprintshare http://www.hp.com/go/eprintshare

**At the time of filming this video in August 2013, Inland Engineering served as a beta test site for the HP Designjet

Click here (http://budurl.com/HPDesignjetT2500eMFP) to learn more about the dual-roll, scanning enabled HP Designjet T2500 eMFP.

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