How to make a large banner?

Tutorial how to make your own advertisement banner on home printer using banner printing software.


The program divides a single image into requisite number of fragments of a set size depending on chosen paper format (A3, A4, A1, A2 – no matter), informs its user of the necessary amount of sheets and prepares the file for the following printing.

Homemade huge banners was hard task of yours for a long time? With Poster Printer it is more easier.

Is it possible to just download a banner-printing program? A program that will allow you to create a digital marketing dummy and print it on a dozen of office paper sheets? It is possible. Poster Printer is a very easy-to-use program that works with different file extensions and allows you to transform any picture into a huge poster.

You obviously will not be able to use PVC-sheets with your printer, but you can make homemade photo wallpapers, print advertising posters or temporary outdoor sign made by your own hands – everything is possible with Poster Printer.

How it works? The banner-printing program analyzes an image and divides it into separate fragments. A user specifies the size of the poster and the program automatically calculates an amount of paper sheets and places the fragments on them in the most optimal way. You only need to print and glue fragments together – nice and easy.

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