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website: With the export business development, for the beginning only developed XARR128 head printers, to the current we have been succeeded in making and selling various type of high resolution printhead printers, such Discover A Lot More

Tracing paper printing alignment better than camera registration CAD sample cutting table CUTCNC flatbed digital cutter is mainly for flatbed rigid and semi-rigid materials being printed upon by large format UV-curable flatbed inkjet printers. It's widely used for die-less customized sample making and short run Discover A Lot More

DQ’s simple inkjet transfer method using 3M transparency paper, gloss gel medium, & wc paper

Using an inkjet printer and 3M transparency paper you can transfer some cool images to watercolor paper and (I hope) canvas. Here's my first attempt with this technique. I scanned some 140+ year old Hungarian/German playing/tarot cards, reversed Discover A Lot More