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The HCG Diet using Assist with sleep promoting and energy boosting formula promotes rapid, sustained weight loss. Reduce 1x is a 2 ounce bottle — 28 day supply ( 10 drops 3 times a day ), includes a comprehensive E-book with diet instructions shopping lists and FAQ’S.+ 82 page Recipe E-book, FREE SHIPPING( Retail customers) We are excited about this new formula the results are amazing. HCG Diet Support for customers by email, text, and phone.
Assist is supported by several research studies that aim at deeply relaxing a person thus contributing to an overall health of mind and body. Assist has been released into the market after performing an extensive research and testing procedures. According to the studies, Assist consists of a unique blend of six potent botanical components that offer several health benefits by promoting the fat burning process, and in achieving sound sleep. Whereas, Glycerin (one of the main materials we are utilizing) holds to vibration and molecular microencapsulating properties much better and as a carrying medium will hold the vibration much longer. Additionally, adding vibrational charges to a quantum blank material only increases the product as long as the frequencies used are not mutually exclusive (IE a charge from a stimulating material and another charge from a depressing material which have different wave forms that may not assist each other.) 3 capsules 30-40 before bedtime. 90 capsules in a bottle 30 day supply
Founded in April of 2006, Founded by Dave G Smith ( giterdonedave )and help from Adam Paul Green. After selling my digital printing and large format production shop. A friend and business associate and I went to Mai for 7 days. This was my first time to Mai and I have an incredible time. Enjoying 7 different beaches, helicopter ride around the Island and the variety of food. Not much of a place for nightlife. Good Times
Marcy and Dave started selling HCG to get some extra money for the holidays. We had done some research and found there was a lot of interest from people interested in the benefits of HCG. From our experience we knew a bit about Hcg because Dave had done the HCG shots ( hcg injections) a few months earlier. He loved the benefits the HCG provided with weight loss and overall he felt better. After his first round of shots the Dr who also happens to be a good friend of Dave’s introduced him to HCG drops. Dave and I were very excited about the prospect of not having to take more shots (no more needles). What we found out from experience was that the results were the same as the shots.
From this excitement we started selling them to friends and family. This lead to some of our family then turning around and selling the HCG drops to other friends and family. All of a sudden we had an explosion of interest and people taking the HCG drops. More and more people liked what they saw. This lead us to look even more and more in to the benefits of HCG. Through the HCG diet drops We have introduced thousands of people to HCG and they have lost the weight they want. We are truly excited about the hundreds of thousands of pounds that have been lost and the good eating habits that have come from individuals experience with vibrational HCG diet drops.
So if you want to start a profitable hcg weight loss business you can buy Assist sleep enhancement drops at
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